"Lenton electric started working with our company in 1996. We here at johnston & associates were pleasantly Surprised with the efficiency lenton electric worked With our superintendants and project managers. They Produce a quality job on a timely basis and go out of Their way to impress johnston & associates and our Clients. We intend to maintain our excellent working Relationship with lenton and feel very comfortable Recommending them for quality work."

Charles Suh | President | Johnston & Associates, Inc.

"Lenton has been working on our projects at the los Angeles times for a couple of years. During that time We have found them to be skilled, cooperative, Efficient, and cost-conscious. We especially Appreciate that they make the "extra effort" necessary To satisfy the client needs and schedule. We feel Quite confortable recommending lenton to other Architects, contractors, and clients."

David R. Weaver | Architect | DRW Associates

"Lenton electric has provided us with quality service on Numerous projects over the last few years. Many of These projects have been for a very particular client With specific needs and lenton electric has always Performed remarkably well. Their staff is very Professional and willing to do whatever it takes to Get the jobs done on time. They have never failed to Provide us the most efficient, quality electrical work And we look forward to working with them for many Years to come. We highly recommend lenton electric for All of your electrical needs."

John E. Rellos | General Contractor | Rellos Construction Incorporated

"Lenton electric inc. Has provided over 10 years of Quality service on projects ranging from $250 up to $200,000. These projects are located in many different Locationsand with many different obstacles in the way Of progress. Without failure, the superintendant has Kept me up on the schedule, any changes, any problems, And all paperwork. I am happy to say it is great
Working with a company that is as quality and Efficient an electrical firm as lenton electric inc. I Am looking forward to doing many projects together in The near future."

Terri Verrette | Airport Stores Manager | Dfs North America

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